Creating page lists with DPL3

The extension DynamicPageList3 allows you to display lists of wiki pages on other pages. In addition, individual page sections from one wiki page can be included (=transcluded) in another page.


You can view a documentation of all selection criteria and formatting options at Gamepedia.

This help page contains some typical examples as well as a list of common parameters and their values.

Transcluding page sections

To display a section of one wiki page on another page, provide the page name (title) and the section header (include) as parameters:

{{#dpl:|title=Manual:Semantic_MediaWiki|include=#Defining attributes}}

List of subpages

The following code shows the subpages of the current page in a 3-column layout:


Example: Display the subpages of the page VisualEditor in the namespace Manual in a 1-column layout:

|namespace= Manual


If you want to limit the output to the first level of subpages, you can add:


Selecting pages by namespace



Category format
<div class="dplcategory">


Category format

If the sorting letters are displayed at the end of a column, the display can be improved by inserting css declarations on the page MediaWiki:Common.css :

/*dpl column layout - avoid header orphans */
.dplcategory {-webkit-column-count:3;column-count:3;}
.dplcategory .mw-category .mw-category-group {display:block}
.dplcategory .mw-category-group {margin:0 2em 2em 2em;}
.dplcategory .mw-category-group h3 {break-after:avoid}
.dplcategory .mw-category-group h3 {margin:0 0 0.3em; border-bottom:1px solid #e2e2e2}

Improved output:

category format with css

Category layout

Selecting pages by category



  1. Create Pages . . Categories: Editing
  2. Create pages . . Categories: Editing
  3. Delete article . . Categories: Editing
  4. Extension/BlueSpiceCategoryCheck . . Categories: Advanced | Editing
  5. Extension/BlueSpiceContextMenu . . Categories: Editing

Selecting pages with specific naming patterns



List of common parameters

Criteria for page selection

Parameter Syntax Description
category |category=QM|Setup... Pages in the category QM OR Setup
|category=QM&Setup&... Pages in the categories QM AND Setup
|category=QM|Setup...|category=Admin Pages in the categories QM OR Setup, and pages in the category Admin
notcategory |notcategory=QM Pages that are not in the category QM
categoriesminmax |category=QM|categoriesminmax=2 Pages that are in the category QM and in at least 2 more categories
|category=QM|categoriesminmax=,1 Pages that are only in the category QM and in no other category
namespace |namespace= Pages in the namespace (Main)
|namespace=Help|Manual Pages in the namespace Help OR Manual
namespacenot |namespacenot=Help Pages that are not in the namespace Help
|namespacenot={{NAMESPACE}} Pages that are not in the namespace of the current wiki page


Parameter Syntax Description
mode |mode=ordered Unordered list
|mode=unordered Numbered list
|mode=none Line breaks
|mode=category Pages are grouped alphabetically with a letter heading (similar to category pages)
|mode=inline|inlinetext=&nbsp; &bull; &nbsp; Page names are listed on the same line and separated with a bullet point


Parameter Syntax Description
ordermethod |ordermethod=title Ordered by page (prefix+)title
|ordermethod=titlewithoutnamespace Ordered by page name independent of namespace
|ordermethod=counter Ordered by number of page views (popularity)
|ordermethod=size Ordered by page size
|ordermethod=firstedit Ordered by creation date
|ordermethod=lastedit Ordered by last edit date
|ordermethod=user,firstedit Ordered by author, then by creation date
|ordermethod=user,lastedit Ordered by last editor, then by last edit date
order |order=ascending Sorted in ascending order
|order=descending Sorted in descending order

Display of meta data

Parameter Syntax Description
addcategories |addcategories=true Shows all categories of a page after the page name
addpagecounter |category:QM|ordermethod=counter|order=descending


Shows the 5 most popular pages in the category QM
adduser |category=QM|ordermethod=lastedit|adduser=true Adds the name of the last editor in front of the page name
addauthor |category=QM|addauthor=true Adds the name of the original author in front of the page name.

Disabling automatically generated DPL categories

This extension is creating some sometimes unwanted automatic system categories that are then displayed on each wiki page that includes a DPL parser function.

To hide these categories, follow these steps:

  1. Go to page Special:TrackingCategories in your wiki
  2. Click on dpl-parserfunc-tracking-category in the column Message name
  3. Replace the text Pages using DynamicPageList parser function not wanted with a dash ("-"). The category will no longer be displayed on your wiki pages.
  4. Save the page.

The system category is no longer displayed on your wiki pages.

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