Delete pages

Users with edit rights can delete wiki pages. If a page is deleted, it can no longer be found using the search function. However, users with admin rights have the option to restore a deleted page.

How to delete a page?[edit | edit source]

To delete the page, click Actions > Delete in the page tools.

Deleting a page
Deleting a page

Before deleting the page, you can:

  • Check the version history.
  • Check which pages link to this page
  • Indicate the reason for the deletion: Since deleting a page can raise questions from other users, it makes sense to leave a short explanation here. This text is shown accordingly in the deletion log.
  • Watch the page: If the page is restored by another user, you can receive a notification.

Mass-deleting pages[edit | edit source]

Admin users can mass-delete recently added pages from the special page Special:Nuke.

Which pages should be deleted?[edit | edit source]

You can use some pages under Special:SpecialPages to find candidates for deletion:

  • Special:ShortPages: With short pages it can be expected that the content of the article is not relevant enough or is better dealt with as a paragraph in another article.
  • Special:LonelyPages: Orphaned pages are characterized by a lack of transclusions or links to the page.
  • Special:NewPages: Reviewing recently added pages is useful, for example, to detect spam in public wikis.

Where do I find information about deleted pages?[edit | edit source]

  • Special:Log/delete: Search for and restore deleted pages.
  • Special:DeletedContributions: Search for deleted posts of a specific user (or an IP address).

Recover deleted pages[edit | edit source]

Deleted pages can be restored using the Delete log which can be accessed from the page Special:SpecialPages. If the deleted page was linked to other wiki pages, the page can be restored directly via the redlink on that page.

Which pages shouldn't be deleted?[edit | edit source]

There are often more sensible alternatives for deleting:

  • Move: If a page has an incorrect or incorrect title, the page can be moved.
  • Copy: If the content does not match the page title, the content can be copied to another page
  • Redirect: If the page content already exists on another page, the duplicate content can be deleted and a redirect can be created.
  • Obsolete: The content is no longer current. You can mark the page as out of date and other wiki users can update the page later.

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