ContextMenu replaces the default browser context menu with wiki functions - depending on the context and user permissions.

Using the context menu[edit | edit source]

Context menu opens when right clicking components that support ContextMenu functionitly, namely, internal links and file links.

The context menu opens when you right-click on a component, such as a link or an image.

Context menu on a file (image)

On internal links, the context menu display quick links for basic page actions, like:

  • Editing page
  • Viewing page history
  • Moving page
  • Deleting page...

On file links, some additional options are shown, like:

  • Opening file page
  • Downloading file
  • Uploading new version of the file
  • Opening files using client application (when available)

Exact content of ContextMenu menu depends on the wiki configuration

Settings[edit | edit source]

User preference settings

Settings for the context menu are located in the user preferences (page Special:Preferences), under the "Appearance" tab. The setting is applied separate for each user.

The context menu has two modes:

  • Click using the right mouse button and pressing CTRL (Normal right mouse button will show default browser menu)
  • Click using the right mouse button (Pressing CTRL will show default browser context menu)

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