The extension ReadConfirmation allows to request read confirmations from users. If a user is assigned to a page, a mandatory read confirmation can be added to the page.

Enabling read confirmations[edit | edit source]

An administrator must enable read confirmations in the namespace manager:

Namespace manager
Namespace manager

Confirmation requests[edit | edit source]

Read confirmation
Read confirmation

When read confirmations are active in a namespace, assigned users see a confirmation prompt when the page content has changed. After checking the checkbox Yes, I have completely read this article and then Confirm, the page version will be marked as read by that user.

Administration of read confirmations[edit | edit source]

Wiki admins can see an overview of all read confirmations by navigating to Global actions > Management > Assignments. Read confirmation information is shown in the column Read?. A page can have multiple states:

  • Read confirmation not enabled: BlueSpiceReadConfirmation is not enabled for the namespace to which the page belongs.
  • Not read: BlueSpiceReadConfirmation is enabled, but the assigned users have not yet read the page.
  • Actions: In the columns for actions, there are two items related to read confirmations.
    • Read confirmation log: Link to the read confirmation log for the page.
    • Request read confirmation: Users get a reminder for their read confirmation.
Assignments manager with read confirmation info
Assignments manager with read confirmation info

Read confirmations and page approvals[edit | edit source]

If the approval feature is activated in a namespace at the same time, the read confirmation is triggered when a new draft is created. This can be changed via server configuration so that the read confirmation is required after the draft page has been approved.

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