With the Config manager, a wiki user with sysop rights can manage wiki-wide settings in one place. In the navigation, it is located at Global navigation > Management > Configuration. This link loads the page Special:BluespiceConfigManager.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Filter options[edit | edit source]

All settings can be accessed through the following filter options:

  • Feature: group by type of functionality the setting belongs to (search, administration...)
  • Extension: group by extension name
  • Package: group by BlueSpice edition and services (BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro, Matomo)
config manager filters
config manager filter

All settings are available in any type of grouping. Changing the grouping type does not add or remove setting options. It just groups them differently. After settings are adjusted, they can be saved by clicking Save, or cancelled by clicking Reset.

Note:If a server administrator has configured a setting to no longer be writable, it will be shown as greyed-out in the config manager. You will have to talk to your server administrator about changing such a setting.

Searching for settings[edit | edit source]

A search bar is located above the list of settings. Type in a keyword such as "logo" to find the corresponding setting. The search returns settings regardless of the currently selected group.

Note:The search field has to be empty if you want to see the filter menu instead of the search.

Config manager search box
Config manager search box

Settings by extension[edit | edit source]

EventBus[edit | edit source]

Eventbus sends notifications to external urls in case something happens in the wiki. For example, if a page is created, an external service could then be started and create a pdf of that page. See the extension's page on mediawiki.org.

EnhancedUpload   v4.3+[edit | edit source]

Sets the defaults for the advanced image settings when uploading and embedding an image into the wiki via drag-and-drop functionality. The default settings determine the orientation, type, and size of the image. These can be adjusted after embedding via the "Advanced settings" of the image on the page.

BlueSpiceFoundation[edit | edit source]

Updating logo and favicon[edit | edit source]

Note:Since BlueSpice 4.2, the logo and favicon can also be managed via the page Special:Flexiskin together with further skin customizations.
  • Logo path: The logo image should be stored in the /images folder of your installation. If you store it in the /skins folder of your BlueSpice installation, it could be overwritten with an upgrade.

To upload the logo directly in the wiki:

  1. Upload the logo on the page from the menu Global actions > File list (Special:ExtendedFilelist).
  2. Click on the thumbnail image of the logo. This opens the logo on a separate page.
    logo thumbnail image
    logo thumbnail image
  3. Copy the relative logo path from the address bar. In a typical Wiki configuration, this path starts with /w/.... .
    relative image path
    relative image path
  4. Paste the logo path into the text field for the logo.
    logo path
    logo path
  5. Click Save.
  6. Refresh the page (Strg+F5).
    If the uploaded logo is too large, you can add the following code snippet to the page MediaWiki:Common.css. This automatically adjusts the image to the height of the main toolbar:
    .bs-logo a {background-size: contain;}
  • Favicon path: The favicon image should be stored in the /images folder of your installation. If you store it in the /skins folder of your BlueSpice installation, it could be overwritten with an upgrade. Favicon images have the file extension .ico.

System[edit | edit source]

  • Allowed file extensions: For security reasons, the types of files that users can upload are restricted. Here, you can allow additional file formats. If a file format is blacklisted in the server configuration, adding this file extension here will not allow this file type to be uploaded. See mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgFileExtensions for more info.

BlueSpiceArticleInfo[edit | edit source]

BlueSpiceArticleInfo, together with BlueSpiceAuthors, BlueSpiceReaders, and BlueSpiceExtendedSearch is part of the Page information in the quality management tools.

  • Update interval in seconds: Sets the refresh rate for the "Last edit" value. By default, this date is updated every 10 seconds via JavaScript.
article info

BlueSpiceAuthors[edit | edit source]

BlueSpiceAuthors, together with BlueSpiceArticleInfo and BlueSpiceReaders, is part of the Page information in the quality management tools.

  • Display authors: Show or hide authors on the page information page.
Authors of page

BlueSpiceAvatars[edit | edit source]


An avatar image is automatically generated if the user does not upload a profile picture or if the user decides to create an avatar image in the preferences.

  • Generator
    • InstantAvatar: Generates an avatar image based on using the initials of the Real name or the Username
    • Identicon: Generates an avatar image based on parts of the user's IP address.

BlueSpiceBookshelf[edit | edit source]

  • Show book chapter pager after content: Displays previous/next book page navigation at the end of each book page. (1)
  • Show book chapter pager before content: Displays previous/next book page navigation at the beginning of each book page. (2)
    Book navigation
    Book navigation

  • Use the display title from book source on article: Shows the title from the book navigation as page title instead of the page name.
book display title
book display title
Note:If the page additionally contains a {{DISPLAYTITLE}} tag, the display title of the page is shown instead of the book title.

  • Prepend article table of contents and headlines with book numberation: The page TOC does not start with the main heading 1, but with the actual number from the book chapter (see screenshot). If users have activated in their user preferences to "auto-number headings", the numbering system is matched accordingly.
    Prepended chapter numbers
    Prepended chapter numbers
  • Supress namespace prefix of book articles in output: The namespace prefix of an article is not shown in PDFs.

BlueSpiceChecklist[edit | edit source]

  • Mark checklist changes as minor edit: If this setting is active, changes to a checklist (for example, checking a checkbox) in view mode are logged as minor edits. If this setting is inactive, a change to the checklist is recorded as a regular version in the page history.
    minor edit
    minor edit

BlueSpiceExtendedSearch[edit | edit source]

  • External file paths: External locations to scan for and index files from. These locations are entered in key/value pairs of Physical path and URL prefix.
    • Physical path: Storage path. For mounted drives, for example: X:\Documents
    • URL prefix: All files indexed from the indexed physical location are prefixed in the search results. It should be used if files are available from a web server. By default, the URL prefix is set to the same value as Physical path.

Examples for external file paths
Example file Phys. Path URL Prefix Link in results list
S:\Sales\Info\glossaryy.pdf S:\ file:///S:/ file:///S:/Sales/Info/glossary.pdf














Add an external file path
Add an external file path: (1) confirm the checkmark and (2) save the settings.

  • Use simple autocomplete: forces a more compact autocomplete (1-column Sales thumbnail preview).
    compact autocomplete
    compact autocomplete
    regular autocomplete

  • Automatically set language filter: This setting applies to multi-languages. It returns search results for a user only in the user's language. Users can set their language in their preferences.
  • Exclude patterns: Files at external file locations can be exluded from search based on regular expression patterns.

BlueSpiceExtendedStatistics[edit | edit source]

  • Exclude these users: Some user groups, like WikiSysop can skew the statistics, for example the statistics for search queries or because they complete automated maintenance tasks. These types of user groups can be excluded from the statistical results.
  • Maximum number of interval steps: Sets the size of the x-axis for the results. For a few days, select the interval Day or Calendar Week, for periods over one year, select Year or Month. If you do not get any results for your query, try to adjust the interval accordingly.

BlueSpiceInsertCategory[edit | edit source]

  • Insert category with its parent categories
  • Preset categories of a page in the upload dialog

BlueSpiceInsertLink[edit | edit source]

  • Allow unmapped links
  • Allowed locations for external files
    • Filesystem prefix
    • Web accessible prefix:

BlueSpicePageTemplates[edit | edit source]

  • Force target namespace: The page is always created in the target namespace that is associated with the template, even if the user provided a different namespace prefix. In the screenshot below, the user wants to create the page "NewPage" and then selects a template for the QM namespace. The page is, therefore, created as "QM:NewPage" if this setting is activated.
    force the namespace of the template
    force the namespace of the template
  • Hide default templates: Hides the default Empty page template.
  • Hide template if the page is not to be created in the target namespace: Depending on the namespace prefix of the page to be created, templates that are associated with other namespaces will not be shown to the user for selection.

BlueSpicePermissionManager[edit | edit source]

  • Backup limit: Sets the number of backups for the permissions manager. Each time the page Special:PermissionManager is saved, a backup is created. If the backup limit is set to 5, the last five versions of the permissions configuration are saved as backups.

BlueSpiceRSSFeeder[edit | edit source]

  • URL whitelist: RSS feeds need to be whitelisted here by an administrator before they can be displayed in a wiki page.
  • Maximum number of allowed redirects: If there are URL redirects for any of the whitelisted URLs, the number of redirects needs to be adjusted (usually to 1 or 2).
RSS Feed settings
RSS Feed settings

BlueSpiceReaders[edit | edit source]

  • Number of readers to display: Sets the number of readers that are displayed on the Page information in the Quality management tools.
    displays readers of the page
    displays readers of the page

BlueSpiceSaferEdit[edit | edit source]

  • Interval for lookup for concurrent editings: Sets the time in seconds for checking if another person is editing the page.
  • Show name of current editor: Shows or hides the name of the user who is currently editing the page.

BlueSpiceUEModuleBookPDF[edit | edit source]

  • Table of Contents
    • Only article titles (indent by grade): Only shows the article titles in the main contents table of the PDF.
      PDF table of contents without article TOCs
      PDF table of contents without article TOCs

    • Embed article TOCs (No indent of article titles): Shows the table of contents for each article in the main contents table of the PDF.
      Embed article TOCs
      Embed article TOCs

BlueSpiceUEModuleHTML[edit | edit source]

  • Hide namespace prefix in HTML: If activated, the namespace is shown in the HTML main heading.
Note:If the page contains a "displaytitle" tag in the page source, the page display title is shown and this setting has no effect.

BlueSpiceUEModulePDF[edit | edit source]

  • Hide namespace prefix in PDF: If activated, the namespace is shown in the PDF main heading for a page.
namespace in heading
namespace in heading
Note:If the page contains a "displaytitle" tag in the page source, the page display title is shown and this setting has no effect.

BlueSpiceUniversalExport[edit | edit source]

  • Metadata (standard, JSON): Additional data to be passed to the rendering template in JSON format. This data can be used in the export template. The template itself is maintened server-side.
  • Metadata (override, JSON): Allows overriding standard data sent to the rendering template in JSON format. Values that are set by default can be overriden with this option.

BlueSpiceVisualEditorConnector[edit | edit source]

  • Enable VisualEditor for BlueSpice extensions
  • Configuration variable to use a simplified save process
  • Upload type
    • Original (Here a confirmation of the rights of use/upload is obtained, file name and namespace of the file can be changed, a category can be assigned and a description of the file MUST be given).
    • Simple (No confirmation of required rights is obtained here, the name and namespace of the file can be changed, a description and a category can be assigned, but does not have to be specified)
    • One click (No confirmation about required rights is obtained here, the image cannot be renamed and no category can be assigned. Only the namespace can, but does not have to be adjusted before uploading)

BlueSpiceWhoIsOnline[edit | edit source]

  • Time in seconds until a user is marked as offline: The system checks every x seconds if a user logged out and no longer displayed as online. This can be less frequent than the update inteval for newly logged-in users.
  • Update interval in seconds: The system checks every x seconds for users.

BlueSpiceExpiry[edit | edit source]

  • Show watermark for expired pages in PDF: Shows the watermark for expired pages in PDFs.
  • Show watermark for expired pages in print version: Shows the watermark for expired pages when a page is printed.
  • Show watermark for expired pages: Shows a watermark on the page itself.

BlueSpiceFlaggedRevsConnector[edit | edit source]

BlueSpiceFlaggedRevsConnector is available up to BlueSpice 4.2 It is replaced by #Content Stabilization.


The export settings affect how the pages of a book are generated in the PDF export.

  • Bookshelf: List approved revisions log: Shows a log of stable page versions of pages in the PDF and when these pages were put into accepted status. If editors did not provide a comment when accepting the page, the Stable comment field for a revision is empty.
    accepted revisions log
    accepted revisions log

  • Bookshelf: List pages without stable revision: Displays a list of PDF pages at the beginning of the PDF that only exist as a first draft and have no released version.
    Pages without acceptance feature

  • Bookshelf: List pages without FlaggedRevs: Displays a list of PDF pages that do not have a release mechanism at the beginning of the PDF.

Pages with no FlaggedRevs feature.
Pages with no FlaggedRevs feature.

  • UEModulePDF: Show FlaggedRevs info below main heading: Prints the latest revision dates (last acceptance and last edit date) below the heading.
    FlaggedRevs info below heading
    FlaggedRevs info below heading

Quality assurance

  • Include handling: If resources are embedded in a page and those resources are located in namespaces with approval mechanism, then the following settings can be selected. For example: If an approved page contains a template or a file that has been changed after the page itself has been approved, the page will not get another draft version, but instead one of two configurations applies:
    • Current versions: Always show the latest version of the embedded resource.
    • Stable versions: Always show the stable (=approved) version of a resource.
  • Show unstable pages for following groups: If the group user is removed from the BlueSpiceFlaggedRevs configuration, users in this group will not be able to see draft versions when they are added as reviewers in a review process. When the group user is removed, only sysop and reviewer users can access drafts. If you want other groups, for example editor, to see draft versions, you need to add them to the configuration. If no user groups are specified in the configuration field, not even reviewers and sysops users will see a visual status indication of a page. They will have access to drafts through the revision history for the page instead.

Searching and Navigation

  • Indexing only stable versions: Draft versions are excluded from the search results. If a page does not have a stable version, it is not shown as a search result.

BlueSpiceSocial[edit | edit source]

  • Show entrypoint "Timeline": Shows a link to the page Special:Timeline in the main navigation.

BlueSpiceSocialBlog[edit | edit source]

  • Use teaser text for blog entries in the timeline: When you create a blog entry, you can create a teaser text for it by clicking the cogwheel symbol in the blog entry form. If this setting is active, the teaser text will be shown on the page Special:Timeline instead of the first part of the content.

blog teaser text
  • Show entrypoint "Blog": Shows a link to the page Special:Blog in the main navigation.

BlueSpiceSocialTopics[edit | edit source]

  • Automatically create all discussion pages. If a user creates the first discussion topic for a page using the link in the page footer of a wiki page, the needed discussion page is automatically created first.
    create discussion topic
    create discussion topic

    A message "This discussion page was created automatically" is inserted on the discussion page.
    automatically created discussion page
    automatically created discussion page

If this setting is deactivated, the user is directed to the "Create page" default page first.

BlueSpiceDiscovery[edit | edit source]

Deactivating the Entrypoint links[edit | edit source]

Entrypoint links for Discovery skin
Entrypoint links for Discovery skin

Positioning of skin elements[edit | edit source]

positioning skin elements
positioning skin elements

Content Stabilization  v4.3+[edit | edit source]

The following configuration options are available for page approvals: alt=Screenshot for approval settings|center|mini|650x650px|Settings for page approvals

  • Include handling (1): Wenn Ressourcen in eine Seite eingebettet sind und sich diese Ressourcen in Namensräumen mit Freigabe befinden, können die folgenden Einstellungen ausgewählt werden. Es gibt zwei mögliche Einstellungen:
Stable versions of included pages Shows the approved (stable) version of a resource, even if it was approved after the page that includes the resource was approved. (This works only if the resource is located in a namespace with active approval feature).
Versions that were current at the time of approval Shows the version of the resource which was embedded at the time of the last approval of the wiki page where it is embedded. (This works only if the resource is located in a namespace with active approval feature).

For example, if an approved page contains a template that was modified after the page itself was approved, the page will not show a draft version. Approvals work directly via the embedded resource.

  • Allow viewing of first draft version (2): If this setting is activated, then all users with read rights can view the first draft. When disabled, only groups from the "Show unstable pages for following groups" setting can see first drafts.
  • Update semantic properties from stable pages only (3): The property value of the page is read from the stable version of the page and not from the draft version.
  • Entwurfsseiten für folgende Gruppen anzeigen (4): If the group user has been removed from the configuration, users in this group will not be able to see draft versions when they are added as reviewers in a review process. In this case, only users with the roles sysop and reviewer can access drafts unless other groups are specified. These system groups can only access drafts through the site's version history.