BlueSpiceArticleInfo contains meta information about a content page.

Viewing the page information[edit | edit source]

The list of meta information about a page is displayed in the page information of the page tools.

quality management tools

The following information is available:

  • Last edit
  • Properties
  • Assignments
  • Expiry of the page
  • Authors
  • Readers
  • Reminder

Configuration[edit | edit source]

In the config manager, you can change the update frequency for this information. Here, you choose Extension from the select menu and then BlueSpiceArticleInfo.

Settings in ConfigManager

Output[edit | edit source]

BlueSpiceArticleInfo, together with BlueSpiceAuthors, BlueSpiceReaders, and BlueSpiceExtendedSearch is part of the Page information in the quality management tools.

  • Update interval in seconds: Sets the refresh rate for the "Last edit" value. By default, this date is updated every 10 seconds via JavaScript.
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