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BlueSpice 4.4


ReleaseRelease date
4.4.3April 25, 2024
4.4.2March 18, 2024
4.4.1February 15, 2024
4.4December 7, 2023


Release date:

BlueSpice 4.4 is a minor release


  • Switch to OpenSearch (a fork of the last ALv2 version of Elasticsearch)

New features

Feature Description Screenshot
Mentions and Tasks

It is now possible to add task items to a page that consist of the following elements:

  • Checkbox with task description
  • Assignee (User mention)
  • Due date (optional)

Mentions and Tasks documentation

task list with assigned users and due dates
Task list
Example task report
Task report
Improved Version history layout The version history is now formatted in a more readable, user-friendly format.
Version history of a page
Improved layout
New Content Droplets
  • Book pdf link: Inserts a PDF-download link to a book
  • Book Table of Contents: Inserts the ToC of any book in a wiki page.
  • Date: Inserts a date. This can be used in combination with tasks. (see above)
  • Decision overview: Adds a table with a list of decisions that were created by the Decision droplet
  • Task list: Creates a checklist (see above)
  • Task report: Creates a list of existing tasks
Outline of the first chapter of book "Admin manual"
Book table of contents
  • Quick search shows a default list of recently found pages by you
  • Quick search default setting shows a one-column layout.
recently found pages by you

Additional changes

  • Menus: The standard links in the main navigation and in the Global actions menu have been updated to improve the user experience.
  • Footer links: The footer links can now be customized with a menu editor.
  • Read confirmations:
    • The page assignments overview page now has an action item that lists the status of the read confirmations of the assigned users for each page.
    • There is a new configuration option to trigger read confirmations when a new approved version of a page is available.
  • Privacy notice: There are new configuration options to manage the display of privacy consent information during login.

Added extensions (7)

Developer: MW=MediaWiki extension; HW=Hallo Welt! extension
Extension Description Developer
AtMentions Adds a user mention to a page. Hallo Welt!
Checklists Provides a checklist item. Hallo Welt!
ContentProvisioning Manages the import and synchronization of default templates. HalloWelt!
DateTimeTools Provides date tools in VisualEditor. Hallo Welt!
EmbedVideo_(fork) Replaces the extension EmbedVideo. Octfx, Alistair3149, Alexia E. Smith, Andrew Whitworth, Jim R. Wilson
SimpleTasks Creates tasks for users. Hallo Welt!
TabberNeue Creates tabs within a page. alistair3149, Eric Fortin, Alexia E. Smith and Ciencia Al Poder

Removed extensions (1)

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