The SetTemplateParams activity allows automatic setting of template parameters on a wiki page.

  • Templates are accessed by the order of appearance on the page, starting at 0. Non-existing templates are counted as links, so they do not count in this list.
  • Parameters inside the template can be specified by their name or the index in case of non-named parameters.
  • Index for non-named params starts at 1 (not 0!), as to be consistent with how template params are accessed in the template
  • itself.
  • Nested templates are currently not supported


<bpmn:task id="EditTemplate" name="Edit template">
		<bpmn:property name="title" default="DummyPage" validation="required,existing-title"/>
		<bpmn:property name="user" default="WikiSysop" validation="existing-user"/>
		<!-- Index of the template on page (starting from 0) -->
		<bpmn:property name="template-index" default="2"/>
		<!-- Param to modify. Can be a string in case of named params, or a number, in case of non-named params (starting from 1, accessor for the param) -->
		<bpmn:property name="template-param" default="1"/>
		<!-- New value to set -->
		<bpmn:property name="value" default="Super edited param"/>
		<bpmn:property name="minor" default="0"/>

		<!-- Output properties -->
		<bpmn:property name="revisionId"/>
		<bpmn:property name="timestamp"/>

Short profile
Name SetTemplateParams
Async Yes
BPMN type bpmn:task
BPMN Extension Element "wf:type" set_template_param


Name of property Source Description Type
title UIActivity string
user UIActivity
template-index InstructedActivity?
template- param
No categories assignedEdit