The EditWikiPage activity appends content to an existing wiki page.

Short profile
Name EditWikiPage
Async Yes
BPMN type bpmn:Task
BPMN Extension Element "wf:type" edit_page


Input properties

Each input property can provide a default value if no other value is set by the workflow.

Name of property Source Description Possible values Type
title - Name of the wiki page that will be edited by this activity. string
user - Name of user that will be shown as making the edit. Default value: MediaWiki default string
content - Content that will be added to the wiki page. string
mode - How the content is added to the wiki page.
  • append: Content is added at the end of the page.
  • replace: Content replaces all existing page content.
  • prepend: Content is added at the beginning of the page.
minor - The edit will be marked as major or minor revision.
  • 1 (=minor revision)
  • 0 (=major revision)

Output properties

Name of property Source Description Type
revisionId - The revision ID of the edited page. string
timestamp - The revision time of the edited page. timestamp


<bpmn:task id="Activity_18egh9o" name="Edit page">
	<bpmn:property name="title" default="Some page" validation="required"/>
	<bpmn:property name="user" default="Mediawiki default" validation="existing-user"/>
	<bpmn:property name="content" default="This is my test at editing"/>
	<bpmn:property name="mode" default="append"/> <!-- ALlowed: append, replace, prepend -->
	<bpmn:property name="minor" default="1"/>
	<!-- Output properties -->
	<bpmn:property name="revisionId"/>
	<bpmn:property name="timestamp"/>
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