The EditWikiPage activity appends content to an existing wiki page.

Short profile
Name EditWikiPage
Async Yes
BPMN type bpmn:Task
BPMN Extension Element "wf:type" edit_page


Input properties

Each input property can provide a default value if no other value is set by the workflow.

Name of property Description Possible values Type
title Name of the wiki page that will be edited by this activity. string
user Name of user that will be shown as making the edit. Default value: MediaWiki default string
content Content that will be added to the wiki page. string
mode How the content is added to the wiki page.
  • append: Content is added at the end of the page.
  • replace: Content replaces all existing page content.
  • prepend: Content is added at the beginning of the page.
minor The edit will be marked as major or minor revision.
  • 1 (=minor revision)
  • 0 (=major revision)

Output properties

Name of property Description Type
revisionId The revision ID of the edited page. string
timestamp The revision time of the edited page. timestamp


<bpmn:task id="Activity_18egh9o" name="Edit page">
	<bpmn:property name="title" default="Some page" validation="required"/>
	<bpmn:property name="user" default="Mediawiki default" validation="existing-user"/>
	<bpmn:property name="content" default="This is my test at editing"/>
	<bpmn:property name="mode" default="append"/> <!-- ALlowed: append, replace, prepend -->
	<bpmn:property name="minor" default="1"/>
	<!-- Output properties -->
	<bpmn:property name="revisionId"/>
	<bpmn:property name="timestamp"/>


In this example, when the workflow runs on any wikipage, The page Testpage1 is appended with the text <username of initiator> read the page.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<bpmn:definitions xmlns:bpmn="" xmlns:wf="">
    <bpmn:process id="EditWikiPage-Workflow" isExecutable="false">
                <wf:contextItem name="pageId"/>
        <bpmn:startEvent id="TheStart">
        <bpmn:sequenceFlow id="FromTheStartToEditWikiPage" sourceRef="TheStart" targetRef="EditWikiPage" />
       <bpmn:task id="EditWikiPage" name="Edit page">
	<bpmn:property name="title" default="Testpage1" validation="required"/>
	<bpmn:property name="user" default="{{{initiator}}}" validation="existing-user"/>
	<bpmn:property name="content" default="{{{initiator}}} read the page"/>
	<bpmn:property name="mode" default="append"/> <!-- ALlowed: append, replace, prepend -->
	<bpmn:property name="minor" default="0"/>
	<!-- Output properties -->
	<bpmn:property name="revisionId"/>
	<bpmn:property name="timestamp"/>
        <bpmn:sequenceFlow id="FromEditWikiPageToTheEnd" sourceRef="EditWikiPage" targetRef="TheEnd" />
        <bpmn:endEvent id="TheEnd">

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