Content transfer between Farm instances

The functionality "Push & Merge" for WikiFarm copies the content of wiki pages to new or already existing pages in a different wiki of the same farm. In case of existing content, the merge mechanism asks the user to decide whether to keep or overwrite this content.

Selecting source files

At least two wikis in the same farm are required (source wiki and target wiki). The content transfer is initiated with the special page Special:ContentTransfer in the source wiki. A user needs the necessary "push" rights to use this page.

Transfer content
User interface for transfering content

Selection of target wiki and source content

  • Receiving: Selection of the wiki, to which the content will be copied. The target wiki is always in the same wiki farm as the source wiki.
  • Include related: Content that is linked from the selected pages (linked pages, files, templates) can be included in the transfer or excluded if this option is deselected.

Filter options

The following search filter options can be used to retrieve a list of transfer candidates in the source wiki:

  • Modified since: shows only pages that have been modified since a selected date regardless of the last transfer.
  • Modified since last transfer: shows only pages that have been change since their last transfer to the selected target. This will also affect included ressources.
  • Page name: filters the source pages based on naming pattern.
  • Namespace: shows pages from a particular namespace.
  • Category: shows pages from a particular category.
  • Only modified pages: shows only pages that have been change since their last push to the selected target.
  • Select all/select none: the shown pages from the filtered lilst can be completely selected or deselected for the push.

Starting the transfer

Clicking the button Transfer initiates the transfer mechanism.

  • Maximum number of transferred pages: The maximum number of pages is 200 per transfer. If you want to copy more than that, the pages have to be copied in multiple transfers.
  • Non-existing namespace (target wiki): If the namespace of the selected pages does not exist in the target wiki, the user is notified that the namepsace has to be created in the target wiki in advance.

Pushing the pages

After selecting Push, the files are copied over to the target wiki. The following files are included, if applicable:

  • the selected pages and the following associated pages and files:
    • Category pages
    • Books
    • Templates
    • Files

Protected pages: If a page cannot be copied - for example, because a draft page is protected during a review workflow - you will be notified accordingly. You can decide whether you want to overwrite the page anyway or skip it.

After the selection of pages from the source wiki is complete, a new dialog window for the transfer opens. It contaisn the path to the target wiki and a list of all pages that will be copied.

In this window, you can also see the transfer progress as well as a final transfer report.

All transferred pages and files continue to exist in the source wiki. They have to be deleted manually, if they are no longer nedded there.

Merging pages with approval feature

If a page already exists, the changes need an approval by a user with approval rights if the target namespace has the feature FlaggedRevs (approvals) activated.

For existing pages or wiki items (template, category, file), the changes are done. The changes consist in merging line by line after interactive selection by the user. A new wiki item is set in “pending” status. The new item is then marked as “draft”.

  • All „pending“ pages are listed on a special page Unreviewed pages.,
  • From this special page, the user can browse to these pages, check the differences and approve each page after editing the draft version.

Wiki admins or editors can be notified about new pendings in e-mail.

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