The extension UserSideBar lets users create their personal sidebar navigation.

Accessing the personal navigation[edit | edit source]

Personal navigation

Every logged-in user has their own UserSidebar. It is located in the left navigation as the Personal navigation tab (clipboard icon).

Default content[edit | edit source]

Initially, for users who haven't customized their personal sidebar, the navigation shows the following widgets:

  • Pages visited (widget PAGESVISITED)
  • My edits (widget YOUREDITS)
  • Watchlist (widget WATCHLIST)

These widgets can be removed individually when a user customizes the sidebar.

Customizing the sidebar[edit | edit source]

To customize the content of this sidebar, click on Edit sidebar at the bottom of the sidebar after hovering over any menu item. This opens the page User:<username>/Sidebar.

The syntax used to define the sidebar corresponds to the main MediaWiki sidebar (MediaWiki:Sidebar). Entries starting with a single star ("*") are considered menu headings or sections while entries with two stars ("**") are considered menu items.

* My favourite pages
** [[Wiki_Page1|Label]]
** [External_Page2 Label]

The sidebar can contain multiple sections. Also, users can use widgets to display predefined lists of pages, as described above. Widgets should be inserted as sections (with one star), like:

* My custom section
** [[Page1]]

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