The extension SocialWikiPage allows users to attach a file directly to a wiki page.

Characteristics of file attachments[edit | edit source]

  • The attachment process simply creates an association between a file in your wiki and the page to which it is attached.
  • File attachments don't show up in the version history of a page.
  • Clicking on an attachment, for example a PDF file, opens the file directly (if possible). If the file type is docx or xlsx, the file is downloaded since it cannot be opened in the browser.
  • Administrators can still see attachments that have been deleted from a page. These attachments are marked with a red background and can be reactivated if needed.
  • The Timeline can list all attachments in the wiki.

Attaching a file[edit | edit source]

To create the first attachment at the bottom of a wiki page, open the attachments area by clicking on the "plus" button.

Attachments area

If the attachments area already exists, click the "more"-button to switch to the attachments page.

Switch to the attachments page

On the attachments page you can add a new attachment:

(1) Add existing file: Click the plus button to add a file that has already been uploaded to the wiki.

(2) Upload a new attachment: Click the upload area or drag the file into the upload field to upload a new attachment to the wiki.

Add an attachment
Add an attachment

Deleting an attachment[edit | edit source]

To delete an attachment, go to the attachments page and click on the Delete button in the actions menu of the attachment. Deleting an attachment on a page does not delete the file itself from the wiki.

Delete attachment
Delete attachment

Grouped attachments[edit | edit source]

Clicking the Edit button in the actions menu of an attachment allows you to group more attachments with it. When you group attachments, they are:

  • displayed together on the page
  • considered one entity for commenting, recommending, linking, and watching (as social entity)

Styling[edit | edit source]

By default, the icons for the attachments are shown in grey with a small label and a large icon. By updating the file MediaWiki:Common.css, the styles for the attachments can be adjusted as needed. This requires administrator rights.

Add the following styles:

/* Attachments */
.bs-social-entity-attachment-wrapper {background: transparent;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments a span::before {line-height: inherit;font-size: 80px;  color: #695f5c;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments a span::before  {font-family:fontawesome; content:"\f016"; color: #695f5c;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments a span::before  {font-family:fontawesome; content:"\f1c1"; color: #e12025;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments a span::before {font-family:fontawesome; content:"\f1c3"; color:#1d8f50;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments a span::before {font-family:fontawesome; content:"\f1c4"; color:#d04727;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments a span::before {font-family:fontawesome; content:"\f1c2"; color:#1565c0;}
.bs-social-entity-attachment-wrapper p.attachment-name, .bs-social-entity-content-attachments div a p, .bs-social-entity-content-attachments div span p {font-size:100% !important; word-break:break-word;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments div, .bs-social-entity-content-attachments div a, .bs-social-entity-content-attachments div span {color: #444 !important; background-color: #ffffff;}
.bs-social-entity-attachment-wrapper img {  border: 5px solid #766d6b;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments div a img, .bs-social-entity-content-attachments div span img {height: 80px;  width: 75px;margin-top: 16px;margin-bottom: 18px; border-radius: 5px;}
.bs-social-entity-content-attachments div a p, .bs-social-entity-content-attachments div span p { height:4em}

You will get:

Custom css styles for attachments
Custom css styles for attachments

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