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This template can be integrated into a page using the Visual Editor Insert>Template link. It makes it possible to limit the heading levels that are shown in the Table of Contents of a wiki page.

Importing the template

The import file is included in the archive file Unpack the zip file first.

On the page Special:Import follow these steps:

  1. Select file and choose HW-TOClimit.xml.
  2. Enter an Interwiki prefix. Since this field is required, simply add hw (for hallowelt).
  3. Keep the selection Import to default locations.
  4. Click Sie Upload file... .

The template is now available in your wiki.


  1. Insert the template TOClimit with VisualEditor.
  2. Enter the number of heading levels you want to show on the page (1-4): 1=only main headings, .... , 4= main headings and 3 levels of subheadings

Pages included in the import

The xml import creates the following files in your wiki:

  • Template:TOClimit
  • Template:TOClimit/styles.css

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