The CustomForm activity is a generic activity, which is based on a custom form. It collects data for the corresponding workflow, which shall be executed. Therefore, the input fields depend on the type of workflow, which is chosen by the user. In general, the data is always the same and differs only in relation to the particular workflow and the number of users required. The CustomForm activity mostly include blank values, which can also be inserted by default. This is related to the metadata maintenance associated with the use of wikitext.

Short profile
Name CustomForm
Async No
Input/form Input depends on the workflow type, but in general:
  • User picker / Group picker
  • Textfield for comments
  • Textfield for mail / username
  • ...
BPMN Element bpmn:userTask
BPMN Extension Element "wf:type" custom_form

Extension elements

Name of extension element Description Type
formModule element
formModule/module ResourceLoader module to be loaded string
formModule/class Form definition class to be shown string



This would load the ResourceLoader module called my.custom.form and expect it to have a JavaScript class MyCustomForm be implemented. Such a RL module may be provided by an extension, or a custom gadget.


Name of property Source Description Type
due_date UIActivity Due date for task completion date/timestamp

Each field provided by the form specified in formModule/class needs to be listed as a property with a default value.


If the form specified in <wf:class> looks like this

MyCustomForm = function( cfg, activity ) { this, cfg, activity );

OO.inheritClass( MyCustomForm, workflows.object.form.Form );

MyCustomForm.prototype.getDefinitionItems = function() {
	return [
			name: 'username',
			label: "Username",
			type: 'user_picker',
			required: true
			name: 'comment',
			label: 'Comment'
			type: 'wikitext',

the properties can look like this

<bpmn:property name="username" />
<bpmn:property name="comment" default="Some default comment text" />

Given the activities id specified in the <bpmn:userTask> element was "CollectData", connected activities would be able to access the output data in their respective properties like this:

<bpmn:task id="SomeActivity">
    <bpmn:property name="user" default="{{{CollectData.username}}}"></bpmn:property>
    <bpmn:property name="intro" default="{{{CollectData.comment}}}"></bpmn:property>

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