Namespace CSS manager

is available up to BlueSpice 4.1.

Creating the styles for a namespace

The link Namesapce-CSS Manager in the menu Global actions > Management opens the page Special:NamespaceCSSManager. This page lists all namespaces and the link to their associated CSS page.

Namespace-CSS Manager
Namespace-CSS Manager

To add or overwrite the styles for a namesapce:

  1. Click on the source page link for the namespace.
  2. Enter your CSS-code directly in this page. Example: MediaWiki:User_css affects all pages in the namespace User.
  3. Save the page and review your changes on the pages in the affected namespace.

BlueSpice 4.2+

To apply specific styling to a namespace, you have to apply it directly in the page MediaWiki:Common.css.

For example, to apply a different navigation background color to the namespace Manual:

  1. Go to the Namespace manager page, to find the id of the namespace:
  2. Go to MediaWiki:Common.css and add the namespace id as a css class to your style:
.ns-3002 #sb-pri-cnt {background: #A9DFBF} /* give the namespace 3002 a green navigation background*/
Namespace-specific styling
Namespace-specific styling

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